Become A Yamaha Dealer

If you are a motorcycle, boating, water sports or golfing enthusiast you will already know about the quality, value and standing of the Yamaha product range. Why not turn your passion into a genuine business opportunity and integrate with your lifestyle?

Perhaps you are just looking for a great and interesting franchise opportunity? How about a franchise opportunity with an internationally recognised brand and reputation offering:

Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Large and highly reputable product range
  • Retail Finance – Yamaha owned
  • Retail Insurance - Yamaha owned
  • Genuine Parts & Accessories
  • Servicing of products
  • Low franchise fees (From $3,000 + GST)
  • Generous floor plan assistance from Yamaha Motor Finance
  • Incentive programs and a whole lot more

    The Yamaha franchise offering is designed to provide the full “Yamaha Experience” to our customers, ensuring happy Yamaha customers create happy Yamaha franchisees.

    • Yamaha Franchised Dealerships

      A Yamaha franchised dealership is one of the most important means of communicating the Yamaha brand to our customers. It is essential that the dealership reflects the quality and core values of the Yamaha brand.

      A dealership provides an environment where the customer feels welcome and can appreciate the Yamaha ownership experience. A high quality, corporate appearance will encourage customers to enter and return to your dealership safe in the knowledge that they will receive an equally high level of sales and service.


      The Ownership Experience

      Our goal is to deliver the Yamaha Ownership Experience to the customer. This experience starts when a customer first dreams of owning a Yamaha product.
      We aim to realise dreams with ingenuity and passion while providing exceptional value and deep satisfaction. 

      Our customers deserve and expect us to deliver a passionate and informative experience from the first moment they start the research of the Yamaha product through to the realisation of their dream and onto the repurchase and recommendation of the experience.


    • The Franchise System

      At the heart of the Yamaha Franchise system are our Yamaha Franchised Dealerships. Our Franchise System provides five (5) core elements which not only represent five (5) separate income streams for Yamaha franchised dealers, but five separate yet co-dependent reasons for your customers to come back to your dealership for life.

      Supported by field based representatives in each of these arms of the Yamaha franchise system, you will receive the support and training in your dealership to maximise these opportunities for the benefit of you and your customers.




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