GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing

Starting out as a three rider, state based team in Victoria all the way back in 2001, GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing has now grown into the most successful national junior motocross rider development program in Australia now boasting a massive 14 riders across six states for the 2019 season.
Still keeping its state based heritage, allowing riders to work closely with a team manager/coach to fast track a riders’ development, GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing offers more than just a free bike and parts. It is a comprehensive program that grows riders and families on and off the track.

With the addition of the all new YZ65 as well as the updated YZ85, Yamaha now has a comprehensive junior MX line up that can take a seven- year- old rider all the way to the professional ranks.

For 2019, the Yamaha Junior racing presence will again be massive as Yamaha now have all the bases covered. The riders are ready and it’s all systems go for the race season ahead.

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GYTR YJR 2019 Rider Line-Up

  • Queensland

    Manager – Scott Bishop

    Levi Rogers - #1 – Yamaha YZ125 / YZ250F
    Jake Cannon - #410 – Yamaha YZ65 / YZ85

  • New South Wales

    Manager – Darren Thompson
    Bayley Clancy - #236- Yamaha YZ125/ YZ250F
    Ryder Kingsford - #21 – Yamaha YZ85 / YZ125
    Kayd Kingsford - #20 – Yamaha YZ65 / Yamaha YZ85
  • South Australia

    Manager – Shane Metcalfe
    Alex Larwood - #520 – Yamaha YZ125/ Yamaha YZ250F
    Wil Carpenter - #87 – Yamaha YZ65 / Yamaha YZ85
  • Western Australia

    Manager – Peter Strickland
    Cody Chittick - #39 – Yamaha YZ125/ Yamaha YZ250F
    Jake Turner - #604 – Yamaha YZ125/ Yamaha YZ250F
    Jake Rumens - #547- Yamaha YZ65 / Yamaha YZ85 
  • Victoria

    Manager – Cameron Taylor
    Kipp Adams - #37 – Yamaha YZ125 / Yamaha YZ250F
    Jobe Dunne - #194 – Yamaha YZ65 / Yamaha YZ85

  • Tasmania

    Manager – Brody Jennings
    Angus Pearce - #751 – Yamaha YZ85
    Jay Jennings - #30 – Yamaha YZ65 / Yamaha YZ85

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